Sqwincher Lite Stik Pack 600ml - Pack of 8 (NEW!!)

  • Instant Electrolyte Drink Mix Powder Concentrate
  • Naturally flavoured, Naturally sweetened, Less Sugar, No added colours
  • Available in Orange, Lemon Lime, Grape flavours
  • 8 sachets per packet, 1 sachet mix 591ml of water
  • Low Sodium, More Potassium
  • Non-caffeinated, Non-carbonated
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • How to use: 1 sachet mix with 591mL of water (equivalent to 1 bottle of water), shake well and drink
  • Prevents dehydration, heat stress & muscle cramps
  • Great for portion control
How to use:

Consume 240ml (a cup) every 15 minutes before, during and after strenuous activities