WSH Bulletin on Heat Stress Management

25 April 2016
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25 April 2016, Ref: 1617113

Public advised to take measures to reduce risk of heat stress during this period of warm weather
As Singapore has been experiencing a record high warmer temperature last week, a joint advisory urging everyone to take measures to minimise the risk of heat-induced illnesses was issued by several Government agencies and ministries on Wednesday, 20 April 2016. With high temperature expected to continue in the next few days, the advisory provided general guidelines and measures that the public, schools and companies can adopt to stay hydrated and keep cool. Public and schools are also advised to minimise outdoor activities and plan the activities during cooler hours of the day and take regular rest breaks.
Companies, especially those in the Construction, Marine and Landscape industries, should implement necessary measures to manage heat stress. This include making sure that all workers are properly acclimatised to the hot weather, management scheduling heavy physical outdoor work activities during cooler parts of the day where possible, providing shaded areas for work and rest and providing cool drinking water and water points. For more information on managing heat stress, refer to the WSH Guidelines: Managing Heat Stress in the Workplace.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is conducting a survey on the management of heat stress in the workplace. Your feedback will help MOM improve the programmes to enhance our efforts to safeguard the health of workers against heat stress. Please complete the survey by 9 May 2016. If you have any queries, please

Video for Workers: Dreams
The Workplace Safety and Health Council, in collaboration with The Hidden Good, has produced a video for workers to share their dreams to remind them why they should work safely and healthily.  WSH protects more than just workers’ safety and wellbeing. It protects dreams. When a work injury happens, dreams are put on hold. To find out what are the dreams that inspire our migrant workers, click here.

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