Sqwincher Into Construction Industry

9 February 2015


Sqwincher was introduced to the construction industry as hydration solution for heat stress management in Singapore. Sqwincher has been hydrating workers in the US and Australia.

Water alone is not enough as effective hydration with replenishment of electrolytes is needed for long hours of work under hot sun. When worker perspires, nutrients are also lost through sweat. Electrolytes are essential for the worker to maintain the balance of the body fluids. If electrolytes levels drop too low, muscle weakness, cramping, dizziness and confusion may still occur. In some cases, a person might still face dehydration even though he drinks a lot of water. Check your urine colour to test whether you are well hydrated.






















With effective hydration, productivity and work efficiency will increase and the risk of heat-related injuries that will result in heat stroke will reduce.

Project Managers and Safety Officers of Construction Companies had boxes of Sqwincher to be placed at their water points for worker’s consumption and education on hydration.

Please email us at sales@ensscom.com or call 67439882 to prepare a customized Workplace Hydration Program (daily, monthly, quarterly) to suit your company needs and provide samples.

Click the following link to read more on Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines, https://www.wshc.sg/files/wshc/upload/cms/file/2014/Heat_stress_guidelin...

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