Runners and Bikers in Singapore using Sqwincher

5 May 2015

Featured Teams: SAFRA Tampines Club, FFK Runners Guilt, TFRiders, The Morning Greeters


SAFRA Tampines Running and Cycling Interest Groups had used Sqwincher Qwik Stiks and Sqwincher Electrolyte Chews for their weekly intensive trainings.

FFK Runners Guilt is a running team formed by a group of running enthusiasts who used Sqwincher for most of their competitions and trainings.

TFRiders is formed by group of road bikers who used Sqwincher for their overseas cycling competitions.

The Morning Greeters is a community whereby they invite every citizen to run with them every week to bring smiles to people by greeting people while they run. Their initiative is to bring smiles to people and spread positivity. The Morning Greeters used Sqwincher for few of their runs and Run for Hope Marathon 2014.

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