NEW Sqwincher Electrolyte Chews

23 May 2014

Power through your activities or workday with Sqwincher Electrolyte Chews. With these delicious chews, keep your senses sharp and performance strong in all your activities. Fear not that groggy, dragging feeling that affects your stamina.Instead, hustle through a heavy workload or strenuous workout. Recharge fatigued muscles with electrolyte replacement of essential minerals.


Be spoilt for choices, enjoy all 4 flavours, Black Cherry, Orange, Pink Lemonade and Wild Berry and you are ready to hydrate and energize.

Easy to consume with 500ml water for 7 chews.

Recommended consumption:

1)    1-3 pieces every 10-15 min for activities that last more than an hour

2)    7 pieces with 500ml water 15 minutes before activity

Black Cherry Electrolyte Chews is caffeinated for added energy (50mg per pack)

Average Adults’ maximum intake of caffeine is 400mg will be equivalent to 8 packets of Black Cherry Electrolyte Chews

Average Adolescents’ maximum intake of caffeine is which will be equivalent to 2 packets of Black Cherry Electrolyte Chews.


For more information on caffeine:


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