2015 Pro-Am SBL DRAW – Pre-launch of Sqwincher Widemouth RTD

12 November 2014

Sqwincher has continued the partnership with 2015 Pro-Am SBL as the Official Hydration Drink.

On 11 November 2014, Pro-Am SBL 2015 schedule from January to March were out. The locations of the Pro-Am SBL will be at Singapore Basketball Centre, Woodlands Sports Hall and Delta Sports Hall. Check out the latest updates at www.sbl.sg.

Sqwincher Widemouth Ready-To-Drink was given out to the Team Managers and Team Players for them to try. The Mixed Berry and Fruit Punch flavours were equally popular among attendees.

Through this Basketball League, check out for Sqwincher sales booth and promotions, we might surprise you. Hydrate well even when you are watching the game as the excitement might get you dehydrated!

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