Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2013 – Singapore Sports Expo

Singapore Expo Hall 7
Event date: 
28 November 2013 to 30 November 2013

This year’s Singapore Sports Expo 2013 (SSE) is organised in-conjunction with the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore REPC.

The SSE is held at Singapore Expo Hall 7 from 28th – 30th November 2013.

Sqwincher is proud to be at one of the event leading to one of the biggest sports marathon in Singapore.

At the Singapore Sports Expo, many runners were introduced to our range of Sqwincher products from the Qwik Stiks to the Fast Pack (a.k.a The Runners’ Pack) and the Sqweeze Pops. The response has been fantastic. Many have loved the great taste of the Qwik Stiks which are sugar free and lower in Sodium level. They preferred the Qwik stiks as it is a healthier choice, portable and has a variety of great tasting flavours. We almost sold out all our stock we brought to the event.

The Runners’ Pack which is our Sugar Option Fast Pack also receive good feedback, It is popular to runners who do not carry bottle of water with them when they run. Hence with the Sqwincher Fast Pack, which is light and foldable, they can keep 3 – 5 of them in their pocket till they reach the next water-point to fill up the fast pack with water to consume the electrolyte drink and discard after use. Sqwincher Fast Pack 3 Simple steps, Fill, Drink & Discard.

We have also met some familiar faces who has bought our products before during the Sports and Fitness Asia and Ride to the Sunrise Collection Event. We are very happy that they are enjoying our Sqwincher products and they find it beneficial to their body by hydrating effectively with Sqwincher.

We hope to see you all again the next year and other sports events.


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