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12 January 2014 to 29 June 2014

This year, Sqwincher Singapore have a great start for 2014 as we are proud to announce that Sqwincher is the official hydration partner of Pro-Am Singapore Basketball League 2014.

On 12th January 2014, the first day of game, the teams are all geared up for the competition. Everyone was giving off their best during the intensive matches. Some abandoned their chances to rest and continued training off the match. Strategies were set to concur their opponents. Their team spirit is greatly admired as they started their match with a team cheer, applauded every time the playing team scored and prepared a few cups of Sqwincher for their members.

Every team fought a good game and deserved a pat on their shoulders.

On 18th January 2014, second day of game, friendship were built among the teams.

Sqwincher is pleased to be part of this event. Lets hydrate together with Pro-Am SBL in the following 20 games.

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