Keppel Offshore & Marine Family Day 2013

Sentosa Tanjong Beach
Event date: 
1 December 2013

Keppel Offshore & Marine is a global leader in offshore rig design, construction and repair, ship repair and conversion, and specialised shipbuilding.

This year, the company annual family day was held at Sentosa Tanjong Beach (1st December 2013) to reward the company’s 18,000 employees and their family for their hard work and contribution to the company.

It was a fun and hot day on the beach and Sqwincher was there to hydrate everyone. A hydration point was set up for the event and people from all ages from children to adults all love the Sqwincher hydration drinks and the Sqweeze Pops.

The Sqwincher Sqweeze Pops is the most popular and all were gone within 3 hours.

People could not get enough of the Sqwincher drinks and they want more, looking at the long queues we had at the hydration booth.

We are very happy we have gain more Sqwincher fans from this event.

When you need to hydrate , think Sqwincher!!!

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