24SEVENS Football 2015

The Cage @ Turf City
Event date: 
15 May 2015 to 16 May 2015
Start time: 
End time: 

24SEVENS is an international 7-a-side tournament with 3 continents, 7 cities, 420 teams, 5040 players and 168 hours of non-stop football.

That sensational goal, that agonising miss, or the blotched pass that won it or lost it for your team - those emotions do not end at the final whistle. 24SEVENS players soak up the elation, or dust off the disappointment and take that desire to win their next game. Using football as a bridge, 24SEVENS aims for mass participation amongst amateur players around the world, who play socially in a competitive setting.

Sqwincher is proud to be the official hydration for 24SEVENS Football Singapore.


On event day, 16 May 2015, there were a lot of exciting programmes.

Sqwincher were at the pitches, hydrating all the football players.

Everyone enjoyed Sqwincher Sqweeze Pops before, during and after their matches.

The Champions were also happy to receive Sqwincher prizes.

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